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Account Profiling

You might need us to gather information from target organizations fitting a profile described by you. For e.g. The objective could be to identify 2000 organizations engaged in manufacturing with no. of employees between 100 & 1000. You might then have us identify two key contacts from IT and R&D, including business card information. And there could be specific information you need from them. Such as whether they have a need for or use a product similar to yours, their present IT infrastructure, budget and timeline for purchase etc.

Our Lead Generation services will give your company visibility to more new revenue opportunities, generate more qualified inbound sales leads, help your company qualify for larger, higher margin sales opportunities, compress the sales cycle and improve your close rate. We’ll help your team Profile Prospect, Develop Market, Segmentation Strategies, Develop Lead Tracking and Scoring Systems, Develop Databases of target companies and buyers and generate a consistent flow of qualified sales leads.

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